Disadvantages of Medicare Supplement Plans

The Medicare Supplement Plans are most sought with the Medicare Plans. This will help or not, it is once again taken to fill those gaps, which is not covered by the Medicare Plans in the USA. This might be an over financial burden to pay its premium. One cannot compare the Medicare advantage vs. Medigap plans. The reasons for this are mentioned below in this health insurance article.

Health Insurance Coverage Area

The Medicare Supplement Plans are applicable within the territory of the USA by the Medicare policyholder. However, it does depend on the state’s health policy. The health insurance coverage in Texas will differ with Arizona. This is due to the state interference in the health policy. Therefore, he or she must check with the local body health department for the benefits they can get with the Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Premium Payment

The premium payment for the Medigap Insurance is comparatively lower than any other health insurance plans. Yet they do differ with the states you are residing. It also varies with the plan you have selected. It also differs with the age of the people. This insurance is valid until you are paying the premium promptly.

Major Disadvantages

The Medicare Supplement Plans do not cover the below mentioned health care services.

  • Dental Checkup
  • Eye Checkup
  • Hearing Aids
  • Home Nursing
  • Hospice Care
  • International Travel for Treatment
  • Long-term Care
  • Prescription Drugs

This also limits the number of days a policyholder can take treatment as an inpatient. Sometimes, certain surgery does not come under this cover. Even few chronic diseases are excluded in the list. You may not get reimbursement for any end-stage treatment. You can see what is eligible in the Medicare Part A and B does have limitations. This may be on the number of units of blood, hospitalization, and Hospice Care.

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Only people above 65-years are eligible to take this health Insurance Plan. The exemption cases are people with disability. The Medicare Supplement Plans are for individual only. That in addition, you must hold a live Medicare Plan in your name. It does not entertain your spouse or family members as group medical insurance plans.

The word Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medigap Insurance are one and the same. It is advisable to read its terms and condition before signing the health insurance papers. If you are not able to understand its benefits by reading, you can consult with that insurance company agent.