What Are The Criteria For Open Enrolment Under Medicare Supplement Plans?

If you are covered under original Medicare plans, then you will know the discrepancies and the gap between the plans. To cover the Medicare gaps, Medicare Experts say that it is always best to buy a medical policy during the first six months of Medicare supplement plans enrolment. This period is also known as the Open Enrollment period which opens from the first day you turn 65.

Buy a policy as soon as you are eligible

According to the experts, you must buy the Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 as soon as your turn the maturity age which is 65 years. The open enroLlment period begins from the first day of the first month you turn 65. Although various made private insurance providers are flexible with their plans, the State has given a legitimate age only.

What are the criteria to enroll in Medicare supplement plans?

The Open enrolment period opens at the age of 65 and lasts for six months only. in order to enroll, you must first get enrolled under Part A or Part B of the Original Medicare. The Medigap policy covers all the preliminary expenses including the routine health checkups and prescription drugs.

However, once you surpass the open enrollment period, you cannot enroll in the Medigap insurance plans anymore. The different criteria to enroll in Medicare supplement plans are as under;

  • If you are above 65

The open enrolment period begins as soon as you touch the age and are enrolled under Part B. you must enroll for Part B plan to avoid any late enrollment fees and enjoy the benefits of Medigap policies as well.

  • You are turning 65

The best way to enjoy the benefits of Medigap is to wait till you turn 65 and enroll as soon as the 6 months period begins. As soon as the open enrolment period begins, you must get enrolled for Part B and enjoy the benefits of Medigap as well.

  • You are below 65

No federal law allows you to enroll for the Medigap policies unless you attain the prescribed age. However, if you are under 65 and urgently want to get a Medigap policy, you can try registering with private insurance providers. Although they charge a higher premium, the can help you with the enrolment.

  • You are covered under employer’s health coverage or a union

If you are enrolled under Employers or Union’s benefits, you have to wait till the policy period ends. Then only you can enroll in Medicare supplement plans.